Local Stuff


The Local Stuff

Here’s the place where our local residents and business folks can get together to just look around the neighborhood, find out about local events or chit-chat about local happenings or even Desert Gardening.
We’ve set up a bunch of TOPIC titles you can click on to view or blog about your particular interest. If you think we should add another TOPIC just leave a comment below. If you’d like to post a photo or an article, click on Contributions.
    Of general interest to our Morongo Basin region
  2. Regular MEETINGS - Private or Public
    Post meeting schedules, when, where, who should attend. Include email address for contacting you. Be sure to include the meeting address and zip code if you wish to include a street map with your announcement. Email your meeting notices at least 7 to 10 days ahead of the event to billford@joshuatreestar.com.
  3. Artists Forum
    Post gallery openings, artist shows, special artist gatherings, demos, tutoring, supply resources, awards……… if you wish to post photo samples of your works, click on Contributions.
  4. Business Issues
    Grand Openings, closures, remodeling, change of ownership, moving to new address, phone changes, under new management and similar announcements.
  5. Community Happenings
    Generally what is happening in Morongo Basin of interest to local folks. Also see “Local Event Calendar”.
  6. Desert Gardening
    A discussion forum on successful gardening and landscaping in our micro-climate ridden desert environment.
  7. Equestrian Forum
    A place to discuss commercial or private activities, care and feeding, animal health issues, husbandry, tack, storage, equipment, special meetings & gatherings, rides, sporting events, rodeos, bridle paths, trails, adventure opportunities.
  8. Government & Utility Issues (city, county & state)
    Any issue from taxes & fees to fixing roadway pot holes, building department issues, water, sewer, gas, electrical. New laws coming into effect. Old laws going out. Also see Miscellaneous Topics
  9. Public Safety (Fire, Police, Sheriff, CHP)
    Any issue about any of these agencies from emergency response to traffic tickets, road closures, new roadways, crime, court system, fond memories, kudos to rescuers, desert survival tactics, and Emergency Preparedness articles and discussions.
  10. Sports Events
    Limited to sports and events sponsored by or participated in by local Morongo Basin community citizens. Roller Skating in the SandBox has been eliminated.
  11. Senior Citizens Forum
    A special place for our citizens endowed with decades of life experiences who happen to be a bit older than the rest of us to discuss just about anything they like.
  12. Teen’s Forum
    A place where our young citizens can interact with one another, discuss school issues, recreation, coming events, and things teen’s like to talk about.
  13. Tourism support
    A forum for discussing Tourism as a resource for our local communities and businesses. A place to discuss how to better promote and support tourism and how to go about it. A place for Ideas.
  14. Local Resources with maps
    This section, “Visitor/Tourist Information Resources”, is mainly designed for the tourist, new resident or visitor and will become more populated as time permits. It will consist of many annotated maps, notes and identification of various secular, commercial & community resources to be found throughout our Morongo Basin. Where grocery stores are located, health food supplies, sports equipment retailers, auto repair facilities, restaurants, coffee houses, fast-food locations, community centers, building & hardware goods, lodging at camp sites, motels and vacation rentals. Gas stations, medical facilities for people and pets, pharmacies, beauty salons and hair-cuts, small and large retail stores, radio station information, entertainment establishments, Internet web access and a variety of similar resources.
  15. Miscellaneous Topics
    Just about any article or topic that didn’t fit in elsewhere.

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