Voting Poll FAQs and nutin’ but the FAQs

Posted Mid February 2012
Bill Ford, Founder – JoshuaTreeStar.com

VOTING POLLs found on this website are, from a legal point-of-view, “informal” and have no legal standing under law. They are, simply stated, utilities which allows our website visitors to express their particular sentiments concerning the issue presented.

The Polls presented are quite unique, from a “security” point of view. By “security”, I mean:

  1. Can anyone vote… or only website members?
    Ans: YES. Anyone can “vote”. This website does not support “memberships”.
  2. Can anyone vote more than once?
    Ans: NO. Not on the “same issue”. One vote on any one Poll.
  3. Can the website owner change the poll or re-word it?
    Ans: NO. The software blocks all access to “editing” a published Poll.
  4. Can the website owner modify the “results” of the poll?
    Ans: NO. The software blocks all access to “editing” a published Poll and its Results.
  5. How can I tell if a Poll is “open” or “closed”?
    Ans: If the Poll is “open” it will be displayed. If the Poll is “closed” it will NOT be displayed. You can view the Results of any “closed” & “open” poll by clicking on Poll Results.
  6. How can I tell if my “vote” was actually registered?
    Ans: After you click on “VOTE” observe that specific poll… it changes what is displayed. See example illustration at the bottom of this page.
  7. Can I view a “closed” Poll, AND vote on that Poll?
    Ans: NO. Once a Poll is “closed” it is archived and cannot be used again.
  8. Can a “closed” Poll be used again or republished at a later date?
    Ans: NO. Each published Poll has a unique number assigned to it by the software. Once that Poll is “closed”, that Poll can never be used again and cannot be modified.
  9. Can a “new” Poll be created using the same questions of a previous Poll?
    Ans: YES. However, the two, “same question” polls are two-different polls and the “results” of these are NOT added together… not commingled or combined in any way.
  10. Can a voter be restricted to a specific zone or geographic area?
    Ans: YES… such as USA Zip Code or city name, but this clever feature may not be 100% accurate. When set up, the Poll allows the creator to specify a “Limit Voter Region” such as inserting a specific USA postal zone or Zip Code. Computers located outside the zone limit may “vote” but the Poll Results does not include that vote.
  11. Can I use a “community computer” such as the Library to vote on a Poll?
    Ans: YES. However, if someone else used that computer before you, AND voted on that Poll, that computer is identified as having “voted once” and cannot be used to vote again on that specific Poll. “One computer, One Vote.”
  12. Can a Poll restrict voting to government Registered Voters only?
    Ans: NO. The software cannot “check” government Registered Voter status because the software cannot identify the human operating the computer.
  13. Does the poll collect a voter’s identification?
    Ans: NO. However, the software DOES collect the COMPUTER’s unique identification number called an “IP Address”. It cannot identify the person using the computer.
  14. Are the polls controlled by or results collected by any government agency?
    Ans: NO. Not that I’m aware of. In reality, these “voting polls” are purely “unofficial”. However, the results “could” be used as evidence of voter sentiments on a specific issue.
  15. Did you design the Poll software?
    Ans: NO. I’m not a computer programmer. I received the software package February 2012 from its author located in Europe. It is designed specifically for any “WordPress” managed blog, such as JoshuaTreeStar.com

EXAMPLE  ILLUSTRATION: Before & After clicking on “VOTE”

Note: “Total Votes:”, after clicking on “VOTE” button; the results will display the current TOTAL votes entered in that specific Poll by all voters.

To view the current results of “open” and “closed” polls, click on POLL RESULTS shown at the top-left of the screen, in the black bar under the masthead.



6 Responses to “POLL” – FAQs

    • Hi there Vinoj Cardoza

      Thank you for visiting my site. For others reading this comment, Mr. Cardoza is the author of the VOTE/POLL software designed specifically for WordPress blogs. While his Poll software did have a couple minor “glitches”, Mr. Cardoza was very prompt at making corrections. So, my thanks goes to him for being able to present “voting” panels for various issues our community is concerned with.


  1. Fran1158 says:

    How can I tell if my vote was entered in the results? Thanks Fran

    • Hi Fran
      You raise a good question.
      First, the answer is: Once you click on an answer (YES, NO or UNdecided) AND you then click on the “VOTE” button, your vote is registered. If you observe that “Poll”, you should notice it has “changed”. You cannot click on any of the answers again, and, the “VOTE” button has disappeared.

      To illustrate, please go to the bottom of the POLL FAQs page to “see” an example picture of what the Poll looks like after it was voted on. You can click here (or copy and paste into your browser) to see the Poll FAQs: http://wp.joshuatreestar.com/?page_id=4471.


  2. LloydSpitzer says:

    “What is a NCHR? do my taxes go up? who’s in charge? what happens to my property value? does it create jobs? ihave many questions and cant get answers. help”

    • Mr Spitzer:
      Thank you for your questions regarding the proposed Joshua Tree NCHR — or National Conservation Historic Reserve issue.

      I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your question, but frankly, I’ve had much difficulty in locating the “answers” you seek. I have however, located “some” information and federal documentation on two existing NCHR regions. You can read about it at http://wp.joshuatreestar.com/?p=4712 .

      As to who’s in charge, is unknown. As to property taxes or property values, that too is unknown. As to “does it create jobs?” Well, I would suggest that the quantity of “jobs” an NCHR might create would be for volunteers without pay and perhaps a half-dozen (at the most) employees of a clerical capacity and would be dependent upon funding availability.


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