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  1. MattJ says:

    Bill… Thank you for putting up the polls. This idea is great for getting how people feel about protecting our desert. When I vote, is there a way I can see if my vote is registered like sending an email to verify my vote? thank you

    • MattJ:
      You’re welcome Matt. To answer your question: NO. The software cannot collect information about the human operating the computer used to register your “vote”. Since it cannot I.D. “you”, and does not know your “email address”, the software cannot send you a note verifying your vote.

      Basically, all votes are 100% annomonyous. Only the physical computer’s unique “I.P. address” (a kind of serial number) is used to block more than one vote on any one specific poll.

      This “blocking” is a problem for a family who owns just one computer. It limits the quantity of humans that can register their votes using the same computer hardware.

      In order to “change” that, allowing multiple votes from the same computer, would allow unlimited votes on any one issue via the same human computer operator. In other words Matt, one person could register 2 or a million votes. Obviously that would be unfair, and, the actual results would be false. The software designer anticipated this “multiple votes” issue and used the only means available to block multiple votes.

      Another way to “limit” voting would be to enforce MEMBERSHIP in this website, which could limit “one vote per member”. But, forcing website visitors to “join as a member” before being allowed to use the website, is, in my opinion, counter to the “open, transparent and free” use of the information available on this website. I will not impose “membership only”.

      I hope this clears up your question and offers sufficient information as to the techniques used to manage our “Polls and their Results.”


  2. Bev1962 says:

    Mr Ford… thank you for the vote opportunity. I own a second home in Joshua Tree but I’m registered to vote in the Los Angeles area. Does that mean I can’t vote on the Joshua Tree concerns?


    • Hello Bev1962…

      Hmmmm. That requires a two-part answer.
      1) Since you are a registered voter in L.A., your government voting is limited to that area in public elections.
      2) For “voting” on the Polls presented here in this website, two things will determine if you “can” vote on any specified Poll.
      a) If you “vote” while using a computer that is physically located INSIDE the 92252 zip code region, your vote will be recorded — assuming that computer was not used previously to vote on the same Poll. Once a “computer” has been used to vote on a specific Poll, that computer cannot be used to vote on the same Poll a second time — no matter who the computer operator is.
      b) If you “vote” on a Poll while located OUTSIDE the 92252 zip code on a computer that had not previously “voted” on that same Poll, your “vote” will “appear” to have been recorded but in fact, your vote will NOT be included in the total vote Results.

      You must remember these Polls are not “official government voting” in nature which would require being a registered voter in the affected region. They are merely informal Polls that ultimately will reflect the sentiments of those who “voted” but the Results do not have “legal standing” under law.

      If, the “issue” became a public Initiative and qualifies to be printed on the public voter ballot, only the government registered voters within the affected region will be “allowed” to vote on that specific balloted issue.

      Generally speaking, property owners may not vote on government balloted public issues unless the voter is domiciled in the region affected AND are registered to vote in that region.


  3. jtrez92252 says:

    I’m a resident of JT for a few decades. Im interested in why are 6 people who voted NO on should voters be the one to decide on our future. it seems like thay are a few dictators that dont want us to vote. thay must be [bleep] commies.

    • Jtrez92252:

      Sir, or Madam… As you can tell, I edited your [bleep] words in your comment. Further, I don’t believe those you refer to are “commies”. They are simply citizens expressing their own personal views.

      While “I” personally embrace the “democratic” process of a “majority vote rules” it must be said that there will always be a “few” in the crowd who do not want the “people” to decide on anything unless it agrees with those who would deny citizens the “right” to vote on the issue under discussion.

      Thanks for your comment and concerns


  4. Teachergirltoo says:

    There are more than six people that want the casino, such as myself. I didn’t realize the poll was running otherwise I would have cast my vote. I know there are others that want to see it happen in JT too.

    • Teachergirltoo:
      Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry you missed the seven polls to express your opinions. They were set up to start Feb 14, and end March 15. For the “Casino” poll, the final count was 69 voted, consisting of 11-Yes, 55-No, 3-UNdecided.

      Of the 8,000 plus residents of Joshua Tree, only 70 (plus yourself had you known)”voted” on anything. While this website enjoys a quarter-million “hits” per month, it is obvious that few Joshua Tree residents even know the website exists. That’s too bad.

      Tell your friends we’re here to serve the public at large. We have no advertising, no membership required, we do not solicit “donations”, it’s 100% child safe and free to anyone worldwide. I make every attempt to reveal “both sides of the story” when both sides are known.

      As the radio and TV media often remarks, “stay tuned, there’s more to come.”

      Best regards


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