Desert Critter Photo Albums

These are still photos taken since 2004 in and about the Joshua Tree area. As an amateur at photographing anything, especially wild creatures, I’ve a lot to learn. Some of my photos are pretty good and some are just s0-s0. But then, I’m not expecting my stuff to hit National Geographic status nor hit the cover of Time Magazine. So, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get… (WYSIWYG — pronounced “wizzy-wig”)
Out here in Joshua Tree, 40 miles north of Palm Springs and 150 miles east of Los Angeles California, I’ve had the privilege and exciting pleasure of hand feeding, observing and interacting with numerous wild creatures in our Desert Wonderland — and some have even allowed me to photograph these wonderful events. I’d like to share these moments with you.
After a long period of trying out various “photo gallery” software packages, I think I have finally settled on one the seems to work okay. Not perfect, but “okay”. The “not perfect” means that I’m having difficulty in arranging the photos so they will display in a specific sequential order… but that feature eludes me for now. 
The “first” album available consists of some 130+ randomly chosen Critter Shots to sort of test the gallery software. This first album is a “slide-show” that automatically starts after a minute or so — it takes time to load that many photos.
To see this first album, click HERE…. there’ll be some dialogue explaining what you can do with the album to pause the show, move to another photo of your choice or continue with the automated show. Later, as I add more photos, there’ll be Album 1, Album 2, 3, and so-on. So, the ”Albums” shown below, except Album-1, are not yet “operational” until I populate the other albums with Critter Photos to be displayed. 
If you have comments or suggestions for improving your viewing experience …. such as “display the photo for a longer time”, “have more photos in one album”, or “fewer photos in any one album”, “group the type of critters into one album” (i.e.: Tortoises, Roadrunners, snakes or ?) or other suggestions, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do to modify its presentation.
If the Album below does not “click” it means that album has not yet been populated with Critter Photos.

            ENJOY THE SHOW!!





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