New Visitor/Tourist feature under “construction” September 2011

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Visitors and Tourists do not know their way around unfamiliar communities. Also, since they don’t live here in the Morongo Basin, they will not be familiar with stores, housing, food sources, medical and a variety of other essential human resources while they’re away from home. They also won’t know “where” these resources are located or how to get there. Our intent is to provide the “what ‘n where” and how to “get there” information. However, tourists have no interest in septic pumping, where to buy asphalt or concrete and likely will not need a listing of contractors, welding supplies, fertilizer or swimming pool cleaners. The free listings of local commercial, civic and club resources in this feature will be established to serve what is most important to a visitor or tourist. It is not intended to mirror a “telephone book”.

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On completion, this VISITOR/TOURIST INFORMATION RESOURCE page will contain various “click-on” banners [links] to their respective Resource pages. We currently have 43 different resource categories. The banners shown in the “slide-show” above are not clickable in this sample display. When completed, these banners will reside on a “single page” in alphabetic order allowing the tourist to select which resource to view. Web visitors may freely copy the information found on the resource page. The “resource pages” will contain text listings of assorted retail, commercial, civic or public club organizations providing goods, services or information to the public in their respective category. Each listing will include enterprise name, address, phone, hours of operation, days closed, web site URL & email address if available and a street map showing their respective locations, except for those who do not have a “store” or other physical location. Among these “banners” are a small few that won’t have a “resource page” such as a banner displaying “emergency phone number 911″, Internet “weather” or “mapping” services. Also, a few, such as Medical or Legal Services will not “list” all the doctors or lawyers, but will list organizations providing urgent medical care or an attorney referral service — the current 2011-2012 Verizon phone book contains 48 pages of lawyers alone! 

This is a work in progress as it will take time to compile the data, design the maps and post these independent pages. The slide-show display above is just to show what I’m currently working on.

Further, I disavow any monetary or other connection with any of the enterprises listed and which listings shall not be considered as a recommendation or endorsement.

How to get your enterprise listed FREE:
If you are a local (within Morongo Basin’s sphere of influence) merchant or represent a civic organization or public club and wish to be included in the text listings, please contact – the listing will be posted AT NO CHARGE. When sending your information, first select the category (from the resource banners) that most closely represents your kind of operation. Multiple categories are allowed for those who’s activities span more than one category. Include enterprise name as it should appear in the listing, street address (for mapping) city/town, zip code, hours of operation, (indicate days closed) and a phone number to be posted in the listing. Please also provide your web site URL and email address (if available) and a person contact name. Be sure to indicate what you do not wish to be publicly displayed in your listing – such as “contact name” or “email address”, however, “we” need your email or phone number in order to provide verified listing maintenance or listing changes. Minor changes in your listing can be made by telephone, where the changes to the listing can be done on-the-fly within a few minutes. Telephone books take a year from issue date before new ones are distributed.

While remains a “not-for-profit” proposition and we do not solicit donations, we will accept limited commercial display ads to help defray the cost of operations. Text listings are free of charge as a public information service.

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