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Thanks for visiting. As you view the screen you may wonder what we’re all about, what or where Joshua Tree is and what will you find on this web site.

What we’re about: Boy, this is a tough one to describe in just a few words. Basically, our intent is to provide you with a wealth of information, photos of our scenery, wild critters and foliage, maps, resources, history, where stores are, entertainment, restaurants, theaters, parks, schools, car rentals, airports, gas stations with prices, weather info, some news as it affects our desert communities, desert survival, our famous 800,000 acre Joshua Tree National Park, rock climbing, camping and where…. well, just about anything you might like to know about our desert region.

Joshua Tree is the common name for a “tree” that resides in our part of the desert in Southern California. This tree is actually a very tall cactus related to the Agave. Weird looking and can be very very old — into the many hundreds of years. New seedlings may grow at an average rate of 7.6 cm (3.0 inches) per year in their first ten years, then only grow about 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) per year thereafter. Other scientific reports suggest their growth rate is about 1/2 of an inch per year. A “small” one of say, just 24 inches tall, may be 48-50 years old!  So, a 10 foot tall Joshua Tree is likely around (120″x 2) 240 years old, assuming it got plenty of rain over its lifetime. Our rainfall here is usually less than 5 inches per year.

The community of Joshua Tree is not an incorporated “city” like Los Angeles or San Diego, Palm Springs and others. We are a much smaller community (8,000+ population as of 2010) situated on a 100 square mile section between Twenty-Nine Palms (a city) and Yucca Valley (a city) on State Highway 62 about 40 miles north of Palm Springs. Our “region” is referred to as the Morongo Basin. We are situated on the northern boundary of the world famous 800,000 acre Joshua Tree National Park. The “west entry gate” into the park is reached from the center of “downtown” Joshua Tree; a five minute drive.

Here’s a small regional map of our location:


To get here, just use your favorite Internet MAP provider to produce exacting directions. HINT: use the USA ZIP Code 92252 for Joshua Tree as your destination, which will put you in the middle of the Morongo Basin.

As for this website, our overall mission is not limited to Joshua Tree, rather, the entire Morongo Basin as a whole. The concept is to provide resource information to visitors, tourists and to our local Morongo Basin population, including local news, events and activities within the sphere of influence of our unique region. This involves collecting and compiling data from commercial, civic and club organizations who provide goods or services to the public, designing street maps for where these resources are located and maintaining that information as up-to-date as possible. Finally, JoshuaTreeStar.com intends to operate on a “not-for-profit” basis and 100% child safe. My original intent for the web site was simply a place where I could display my own photographic collection of our wild life and scenery — but, since May of 2011, that original reason has morphed into a much broader endeavour.   

To help visitors and tourists find their way around our communities, we’ll provide local maps to locate just about anything you wish to visit including gas stations, lodging, grocery stores, merchants, restaurants, entertainment and even auto mechanics — just in case! You can view recent activity of this effort by clicking on “Visitor/Tourist Information Resources” at the top of the page. The map shown here on the left is a thumbnail sample of a larger version and is just one of many similar maps to become available as we continue to build this web site. You can click on these maps to view or print the larger version.

To view the various features on this web site,  just click on a title listed under the main “header/title” at the top of the page, or various resources found in the column on the right side of each page. You can also select a month/year under Previously Posted Articles for older material. Since JoshuaTreeStar is an “interactive” website, you are encouraged to post your own comments as well as read comments left by other visitors. You do not have to “join” as a member to post comments.

While JoshuaTreeStar.com is a “not for profit” website, you may find some limited advertising on the site that helps defray some of the costs of maintaining it. These ads will be limited to merchants and other enterprises located within the sphere of influence of the Morongo Basin. I do not solicit for donations or commercial advertising.

In November of 2011, a reporter for one of our local newspapers, The Hi-Desert Star, asked “…why are you doing all this — especially “free?” My simple response was “… because I can.”



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  1. Neil Cochran says:

    Mr. Ford – Since you’re interested in the new State Fire “FEES”, I thought you’d like to have the below links to the latest info about the SRA payment program regarding structures. Comments are due soon, so take your best shot. Don’t know that will do any good, but I understand there are plans being made to challenge it in court. I’m up here in Northern CA, with lots of trees, but faced with these same taxes – (oops, I mean “fees”.)

    Neil Cochran



    • Hey there Neil…
      Thanks a bunch my friend for these valuable links to the “FIRE FEE” files. I certainly will get them and post ‘em. Any information we can gather for our readers is important to them.

      Many Thanks

  2. Dan O says:

    A most interesting article….. Only 5 Inches of Rain…. yet Joshua Tree is so much greener than 29.

    Faithful Reader

    • Hey there Faith-filled Friend
      Yup… 5-inches they say. An’ that comes maybe once a year, all at once. But, “greener”? That might be due to some having 7-digit retardement income.