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California Home Sale
Price Medians in Morongo Basin
Updated for FEB 2012

Information data are always 2-months behind current month

Reporting on resale & new single family residences and condos (multi family units not included) 
Excludes sales where the site city is unknown (i.e.: Johnson Valley, Yucca Mesa, etc.)
% Change is from the same month last year
The table below lists the median average selling price for single family homes as sold and recorded with the San Bernardino County Recorder’s Office.
The data are collected from DQ News.com. DataQuick compiles the county-recorded sales for each county throughout the entire state of California. As indicated in their header, some sparsely populated communities  are not singled out as a separate “listing” but may be included in an adjoining city or other recognized community such as unincorporated Joshua Tree, Pioneertown, Wonder Valley, etc. DataQuick does not distinguish between manufactured, mobile or on-site built homes and does not consider home or lot size in their data collection. You can view DataQuick’s entire California Report by clicking on the link above. If a city, town, community is not listed, the most likely reason is that there were no sales at that location. Data shown is for the preceding month… July is reported in September, December is reported in February. Always one month behind. “Median average” is not the same as “arithmetic averages”.  Basically (but not accurate) the “median average” is a combination of two figures: The “average” of the “higher price range” + the “average” of the “lower price range”, divided by two. See MEDIAN for statistical description & correct formulae.


 Light Blue graph below = quantity sold and aligns to the “average” price range, not “median average”.
The “Q1,Q2,” etc., are annual quarters of the year (a 3-month period) - Q1=Jan, Feb & Mar. 
Click HERE to view more graphs and statistics for your zip code - City-Data.com


Morongo Basin
Median Average Home Sale Prices 
As Recorded with San Bernardino County Recorder’s Office
 February 2012

Description of columns in the table BELOW:
QUAN= Units sold and recorded this month  -|-  2011= Median average sale price recorded this month
2010= Median average during same month LAST year  -|-  %= Percent change over same month LAST year
“N/A” = Data not avail or no sales recorded




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