Mail-order Merchants hit by Postage Rate Increases effective Jan 27, 2013

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announced it would raise postage rates on January 27, 2013, pending review by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Online product sellers are increasingly feeling the pressure to offer “free shipping” to their customers. Of course, the seller is compelled by common sense economics to recover the costs of packaging materials, storage and actual “shipping fees” charged by the Postal Service (or other carrier). Recovering these costs can be a complex issue or as simple as “adding the cost to the price of the product”. Most “small” online Internet stores do not offer “free shipping”.

The fees USPS charges for their popular “Priority Mail Service” will increase, overall, an average of 6.3%. Retail prices will increase an average of 9%. Approximately 3% of the increase is for “Free Tracking Visibility” which will be included at no additional cost. 

The average increase Priority Mail Commercial Base will be 3.7% available to those who use online postage services. This move is an obvious online incentive for sellers to investigate such services if they are not already using these services. The Commercial Plus price category, which offers even lower prices to “large-volume customers”, will see an average increase of about 3.8%.

Retail Flat Rate Box prices will be:

  • Small: $5.80
  • Medium, $12.35
  • Large, $16.85
  • Large APO/FPOIDPO, $14.85
  • Regular Flat Rate Envelope $5.60
  • Legal Size Envelope: $5.75
  • Padded Flat Rate Envelopes $5.95.
  • FIRST CLASS, ONE-OUNCE LETTER RATE: $0.46 January 27, 2013

Editor’s FOOTNOTE:
If you do very little “snail-mail” that requires postage stamps, chances are you don’t know whether or not that “stamp” stashed in your desk or kitchen drawer is “still good”.

The implementation of the USPS’s FOREVER STAMP is great for those of us who seldom ever send anything via the U.S. Mail service. Buy the “forever” stamp today and you can still use that same stamp long AFTER the USPS raises “first-class rates” again sometime in the future. What’s good “today” should be “good tomorrow….. even years from now”.


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