CASINO PLANS: Joshua Tree MAC Meeting

The “Casino Proposal”
is on the JUNE 2012

JOSHUA TREE — Thursday, June 21, 2012

According to a well informed Joshua Tree resident, a discussion of the proposed 29-Palms Band of Mission Indians Casino to be located in Joshua Tree will be an official agenda item to be discussed by the Joshua Tree Municipal Advisory Council, concerned citizens, government representatives and proponents for the establishment of an Indian Casino in Joshua Tree.

This meeting will be held at the Joshua Tree Community Center starting promptly at 7 p.m. Click here for a local MAP.

For those interested in reviewing various writings on the effects of Casinos, Pros ‘n Cons, Government involvement, History, Statistics, etc., click “continue reading” below for a listing of links to the websites providing that information and research data. This listing was provided by a local JT resident.

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California Nations Indian Gaming Association
Tribal Gaming & community Planning in California
            California Planning Roundtable
Fee to Trust Introduction
Indian Gaming in California
Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
National Indian Gaming Commission Home Page
29 Palms Band of Mission Indians
Stand Up California
Tribal Casinos and Their Impacts on a California Community
            Palm Springs & the Impact of the Agua Caliente Casinos
Local Government Symposium:  The Role of Local Government in
Tribal-State Compact Negotiations
California Gambling Control Commission
Gaming Capitol Group
The Morongo Band of Mission Indians
Oklahoma Native Times
No Off-Reservation Casino
No Joshua Tree Casino



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4 Responses to CASINO PLANS: Joshua Tree MAC Meeting

  1. thomas says:

    Thanks for this info. Please correct the link to the No JT Casino facebook page

    • Asking “me” to correct a “broken” or errant link on someone else’s web site (Face book in this request) cannot be accomplished since I do not own FaceBook.


      • aher says:

        Its not a broken link, the link is typed incorrectly on your webpage. It needs to be fixed under the section “Casino research”.

        • Greetings and thanks for your comment. While I am eager to make corrections when adequately described, I am unable to make any correction regarding your “discovery” in this article. First, the “casino research” links were provided by a visitor/contributor and sent to me … I merely copied the contributor’s data. At this writing, I have no clue which of the numerous “links” provided in the article is in error.

          If you wish me to make the correction, I can, if you will send me an email with the correct URL. Send the email to

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