Joshua Tree Dollar General Petition Signing Appeal

Petition circulating in opposition
to establishment of
Dollar General
merchandise store in Joshua Tree

The following dialogue are copies of two unmoderated Emails received at relating specifically to the “Petition against”, received from Nicholas Holmes, a community speaker at the November 17 informal ”informational meeting” between the proponents of the DG store and Joshua Tree community citizens and business persons. Reproduced here as a public service.

Also see: 11-17-2011 Meeting Results Article

Unedited email received from Nicholas Holmes around midnight after the meeting concluded:

“Dear concerned members of our Hi-Desert Community,

We had a somewhat small but passionate turnout tonight (around 80 people) at the Joshua Tree community meeting about the 9100 sq. ft. Dollar General Store proposed here. Thank you to everyone who showed up to support our community in opposing this corporate chain from moving in and detracting from the charm and uniqueness that is our community. What a great community we have. With regards to Dollar General I have a few requests of everybody:

First off, I ask you to please sign the petition against the Dollar General Store and please encourage other local friends, acquaintances, business owners, neighbors, etc. to do the same. There are/ or will be copies of the petition at Holmes Health, Wind Walkers, Joshua Tree Outfitters, Grateful Desert, and Joshua Tree Health Foods. Alan Rasmussen, Field Representative from Supervisor Neil Derry’s office commented tonight that for any petition to be representative of our community we need to have at least 1000 signatures of residents here. The Casino petition currently has around 1400 signatures. We can do this.

Secondly, for this project to be approved by Minor Use Permit through the San Bernardino County Land Use Services Department it has to be a non-controversial project, otherwise it is stepped up to a more rigorous, time-consuming, and expensive (for Dollar General) approval process. We as a community need to generate controversy about this project to have any hopes in stopping it. The best way is to send in written (email or mail) letters of opposition /comments to Heidi Duron, the SB County project planner in charge of feedback on this project, and to send a copy to Alan Rasmussen as well. Please. The more specific concerns we can make about the project the better, such as night sky light pollution, potentially loud (measurably high dB) truck deliveries next to residences, proposal being out of scale and type with the stated goals of the Joshua Tree Community Plan and our existing rural desert community, ugly and stark architectural proposal, etc. etc. Even if you wrote a letter before, perhaps write another now that you have seen and heard what they are all about. I certainly will.

Letters of opposition / concern can be emailed to Heidi Duron,  and/or  with a copy sent to Alan Rasmussen:

and/ or comments can be mailed to:
San Bernardino County Land Use Services Department/ Planning Division
385 North Arrowhead Avenue, First Floor, San Bernardino, CA 92415-0182
ATTN: Heidi Duron

At the top of your letters / comments please remember to refer to the proposed Dollar General Store by the Assessor’s Parcel Number: 0603-204-04 and the Applicants Name: Dynamic Development, LLC

I have attached a copy of the original letter I received from the SB County Land Use Services Department about the proposal and will also post a copy of it and this email on the bulletin boards at Coyote Corner, Crossroads, Joshua Tree Health Foods, the Post Office, and any others I come across in town.

Lastly, as I’ve said in earlier emails, my email contact list in this community is small so I ask you to please, please pass this email along to all those local email addresses you have and to spread the word about this.

With Gratitude,
Nicholas Holmes
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Dollar General Store Proposal

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In a subsequent email received at 3:15 a.m. Friday, Nov 18, 2011,  Nicholas Holmes writes:

To back up the claim that I made in the last email, that controversy alone is enough to elevate a project from a Minor Use Permit to a more rigorous approval process (Conditional Use Permit) I have attached a brochure from San Bernardino County which describes the process in more detail.

Best Wishes,
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