Postage Stamp Price Increase for 2012

United States Postal Service (USPS) 
1-cent bump for First Class mail
Starts January 22, 2012

The U.S. Postal Service has announced that stamp prices are going up for the first time in more than two years. The new prices will take effect on Jan. 22, 2012, Reuters news service reports.

The Postal Service is raising the price of mailing a first-class letter by one cent to 45 cents, Reuters reports. The cost to mail a postcard will go up three cents to 32 cents, letters to Canada or Mexico will rise five cents to 85 cents and letters to other locations abroad will cost seven cents more at $1.05. Prices for Express Mail and Priority Mail will stay the same, Postal Service officials said.

Postal officials expect the 1-cent increase to generate an additional $888 million in revenue, the Washington Post reports.

“The overall average price increase is small and is needed to help address our current financial crisis,” Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said, according to Reuters. “We continue to take actions within our control to increase revenue in other ways and to aggressively cut costs.”

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3 Responses to Postage Stamp Price Increase for 2012

  1. In the Channel 7, ABC TV article, I spotted a paragraph that should be addressed:

    A bill by Reps. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Dennis Ross, R-Fla., waiting action in the House would allow the post office to go to five-day mail delivery, phase out lower rates for nonprofit groups, require most mail to be delivered to cluster boxes rather than door-to-door, and increase the amount postal workers pay for health insurance. It would also set up a system for closing post offices similar to the one for closing military bases, bar no-layoff clauses in contracts and, under some circumstances, call for an emergency board to take over postal management.”

    Following that article was a reply or comment:
    “A very bad dangerous move to “require most mail to be delivered to cluster boxes rather than door-to-door,” as that will increase exponentially, identity theft, theft of money checks, credit cards, critical documents, etc., not to mention un-noticed destructive vandalism. For secured multi-dwellings having secured “mail-slots” for tenants that may be “okay” but for single family dwelings it’ll be a nightmare.”

    Very good point….

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I called my local post office and they told me it will go up to 46 cents.

    • Elisabeth:
      hmmmmmmmmm… I don’t doubt your comment. However, after exhaustive searching the official USPS website and 3 major news services for the most RECENT news on postage prices, the latest, direct from USPS posted Nov 22, 2011 is that for a basic “first class letter” (1 ounce or less) will cost the price of a $0.45 cent postage stamp beginning Jan 22, 2012. There is no “news” or “news of a rumor” that the price will be forty-six cents ($0.46).

      You can calculate various prices of postal services directly at